We think our school is one of the most accessible in the Midlands. This Transport page is designed to let you find the quickest, cheapest and most convenient way to get to our school.

 All the information regarding transport options to and from King Henry VIII School for 2019 - 2020 can be found in our Transport Booklet below.

Transport Booklet 2019 - 2020

We are proud of the fact that so many of our pupils walk, cycle or use public transport to get to and from school each day. This is great for developing a sense of independence and responsibility, it is healthy and, of course, it is better for the environment too.

Park and Ride - this is a free service!

In order to help reduce congestion and journey time to school we are currently running a new Park and Ride service from the Tollgate car park on Holyhead Road. 

Minibus arrives at the Tollgate car park: 0735
Minibus departs the Tollgate car park: 0750

Pupils must be booked on to this service with the Transport Manager in advance.

"This bus service is invaluable to us. We both work in Birmingham and the convenience of not having to get stuck in traffic travelling down the Holyhead Road is huge. It can save us up to 45 minutes a day. More importantly it is a safe service for our two Prep School children, with the same driver and same other children. We can't believe it is not used more!" Senior School parent.

"We find it an excellent service, cost effective and time saving; not having to drive into the city centre saves at least 20 minutes every morning.  It's also very reliable, always the same friendly driver and an easy drop off with plenty of space to turn round." Senior School parent.

For those parents who come to school by car, we politely ask you to respect the parking restrictions in local roads, to be aware of other road users and pedestrians, and not to drive onto the playground between 8am and 6pm.

Transport queries should be addressed to the Coventry School Foundation Transport Manager, Mrs Catherine Gittens.

Email or call 024 7627 1328

Travelling to school by train "an easy solution"

"Put simply, it’s an easy solution. It might seem a daunting prospect to consider commuting by train when your child is ten and you’re looking around schools, but I’d urge parents not to worry.

The Long Buckby to Coventry train takes 20 minutes and there are always about fifteen King Henry’s students getting the morning train.

The train commute allows great flexibility at the end of the day as there are three trains an hour from 4pm – 6pm, possibly later. This means the children can make full use of the vast array of after-school clubs and, whatever time they finish, there will still be a train to catch without much wait.

I have been really impressed with the other King Henry's students on the train; they show great kindness to one another. When my son started in Year 7, the older students would work out who was getting which train back at the end of the day, so they could pick him up from school and walk him the three minutes to the station, until he felt ready to do this unaccompanied. He, in turn, has done the same with this year's Year 7s, and so the cycle continues." SENIOR SCHOOL PARENT

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